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Beautifully hand-crafted Eco-friendly caskets

made with love from my hands and my heart


Korowai - Casket and URN on lawn
Korowai - Traditional Casket Close Up
Korowai Caskets is a New Zealand owned and operated business. We design, build and sell caskets that are different to the traditional style, offering something a little bit special. 
We have put a lot of thought into how we can make our caskets affordable and still be beautiful, this is what we have come up with
Urn for ashes

Environment responsibility

We all have have a part to play in taking responsibility for the environment.

Our caskets are made from natural untreated pine plywood that give the caskets stability and strength. Because our caskets are raw, they will burn cleaner than a MDF casket that is wrapped in vinyl. 

Pine is a sustainable resource and forestry is one of New Zealand's most profitable industries providing jobs for many Kiwis. All of our caskets have been designed to make the lowest impact possible on the environment. 

Casket Assembly

Maori designs 

In our culture, Tangi is a time to bring everyone together and celebrate the life of the loved one who has passed.

It is great to see that New Zealand is embracing Maori culture, whether with language, art or customs. 

Our caskets are for everyone.

Being Maori, we are guardians of the earth. Our Maori designs are carved into raw plywood, no nasties added.